I Have a Book That is Published by Borse & Hopkinks New York, I know the book is over 100 Years old . I can only find a hardback cover of it but not one like this ..It has no copyright date and looks to be made of some type of old paper... The Author is Robert Louise Stevenson And The name of the book is " A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSES'..It's about 97 pages of short poems, The front cover has designs of flower's and layed in what looks like gold . I bought this book many years ago from a shop because i liked the way it looked, i gave $20.00 for it then , My dad put it up for me when i moved out and before he passed away 2 years ago , he told my mother to give it back to me, Now that I have the more I look at it the more it has me wondering, I have done all the research i can to see when the book was first published but hit a dead end, So if u could please help me and let me know value of it would be great, I can send picture of it , If needed to