Yes, well, I've had a few decades on the planet. I'm an eclectic sort with interests in literature, music, movies and cycling. I attended The Ohio State University where I majored in international studies. Subsequently I earned my commission in the Navy and served in the gator navy out of Long Beach. Oh, and I had a year of shore duty in San Francisco before I deployed to the South China Sea and the delights of Danang, Chu Lai and Cam Ranh Bay. I steamed on an ocean-going dump truck called an LSD.

I have a Masters in English from Idaho State University --- a halcyon period in my life when I met my wife who majored in French. I was deeply immersed in Yeats as I recall. I wrote my thesis on the heroes of John Barth. I did some time at a nameless institution in the Midwest where I pursued doctoral study. And that's how I became a public information officer, community and economic developer and chamber executive. In truth I am a professional, incorrigible English major still. Currently I do marketing work for an Internet-based legal services enterprise. I have authored some unpublished work and remain hopeful.

My quote today is "Iím going, lads, to Sparta, but I still donít know
What fate may have in store nor what my own mind wants;
Slowly, by what I see and do, Iíll work things out."

Nikos Kazantzakis, ďThe Odyssey.Ē III, 576-578