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Thread: As a man thinketh- James Allen.

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    Hard to tell, whatever book I am reading , I am there.

    Smile As a man thinketh- James Allen.

    “They themselves are makers of themselves.”
    I was reading this small book last week and found it to be wonderful and motivating. The theme is simple , mind is the master weaver of the inner garment and the outer circumstance. Even after hundred years of its publishing the book is a treasure.
    He puts forth some amusing questions. He believes suffering is always the effect of wrong thought. Though many would argue he truly believes the mind is the only thing which weaves our destiny.
    Then go on to talk about the effects of thought in health and wealth.
    "A man can only rise, conquer, and achieve by lifting up his thoughts."
    Absolutely awesome book. Give this book a try and give his words a thought. It can change your life.
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    That's a superb book.
    "Our age, which is cursed with inhuman savagery and want, also allows us superhuman

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