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    Hi, I've watched this forum some from time to time.

    For the last 6 months, I've been doing a lot of research concerning the Origins of the Tribes of Israel and Other Nations, Troy, the Exodus and Joshua 10:12-14 as related to history.

    This is alot of reading and it may take several weeks to scan this information. But, is anyone interested in discussing these topics with me?

    Exodus/Sea Peoples Thread
    Beginning Here ->
    Ending Here ->

    Troy Thread
    Begin ->
    End ->
    Achaeamenid ->
    Asia Minor ->
    British Troy & Troyes->

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    For a change of pace ... I'm updating some of my info here.

    The Danites, Sea Peoples and the Lost Tribes Wanderings

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    Here's a whole list of stuff I've done ... with keywords, notes, quotes

    More Astonishing Bible Proof - (Warning -Athiests- This Is Adult Sensitive Material) - Christianity Board Christian Forum - Page 9;
    This thread started with the idea that Velikovsky may have been partially right that a celestial terrestial event may have disturbed the Earth in the distant path, [indirectly confirmed ... as a possibility]

    Date: Monday, 20-Jul-2009 12:42:43
    Meteor Hit On Jupiter Prompts Russian Warning For Earth

    Velikovsky put forward the psychoanalytic idea of "Cultural Amnesia" as a mechanism whereby these literal records came to be regarded as mere myths and legends.

    Dec06-09, 2010> Josh 10:12-14
    Yesterday, I didn't know anything of these discoveries! Amazing _iiii Circumstantial? & <Timely>

    These recent discoveries may lend support (At Some Future Point) that a Celestial Heavenly Body may have disturbed the Path of the Earth around the Sun.

    Mysterious object or planet moves over the sun on SOHO imagery Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 22:42

    Massive dark object 'lurking on edge of solar system hurling comets at Earth' Last updated at 8:50 AM on 8th December 2010

    1/19/11 - ! WOW ! these articles work well into earlier threads.
    Earth's shift adds a 13th Zodiac sign - Unexplained Mysteries
    It's all in the stars: new zodiac dates released | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

    The Trojan War - page 11 thru 25
    A Whole Plethora of Info on Danaans, The Time in the Wilderness, The Lost Tribes, and Troy in Britain
    Some amazing connections between Danites, Sea Peoples, Hebrews, Phoenicians, Danaans, Luwians, Horites, etc ... Telescopic Wells at Garlo, Nugaric, Sissera ... legendary and mythical characters like Persius and Zalmoxis [or Mopsus], their descendants and there wanderings as relates to the 10 Lost Tribes and the descendants of the sons of Zerah; Zimri, Ethan, Heman, Calcol, and Dara: five of them in all.

    A Definitive Work on Sol in Vinter - For the Hosts of Heaven
    The Queen of Heaven, Saturnalia, How it Began

    A Definitive Work on Sol in Vinter - Satyr-Nail-ia
    Saturnalia, reward and punishment tales, The mysteries, Dionysis

    A Definitive Work on Sol in Vinter - The Birth and Death of the Sun
    Oscilla, Sigillaria, Signet, seal, impression, Argei, Winter Solstice

    A Definitive Work on Sol in Vinter - The Misrule of Saturn
    Shekinah: Goddess of the Jews, Saturnalia, Sigillaria

    A Definitive Work on Sol in Vinter - The Roman Festivals
    Saturnalia, Kronia, Sol Indiges, Consus, Ops, Epona, Carians, Sun Chariot

    A Definitive Work on Sol in Vinter - The Roman Religion
    Harvest Festivals, The Myth of Saturn, Demeter

    A Historical Meschiach

    A historical Jesus and some proofs including astronomical ... Thallus calls this darkness an eclipse of the Sun in the third book of his Histories.

    Africanus then goes on to point out that an eclipse cannot occur at Passover when the moon is full and therefore diametrically opposite the Sun.

    A Journey Through Chinese Cosmology
    Early Kosmo-Myth, Astrological Ages, Dodswell, 28 mansions of Four [5] Symbols

    Achaemenid Persians were Achaeans
    The strong connections of Troy to the House of the Acheamenids

    Aesir, Vanir and the Joktun
    Njord, Frey, Freya, Ymir, Ynglings, Aesir, Vanir, Jotun

    Amazons, Warrior Women of the Steppes and the Alans
    271 BC - A group of Gothic women who were captured by Romans while fighting in the same garb as their male peers, were paraded through Rome wearing signs that said, "Amazons".

    Aye heearh jyu call ink Bubushka
    The Venerable Bede translates into Geordie than into modern day English ... found [in] a distinct "Northumbrian" Old English dialect

    British Troy & Troyes Roman Era
    Building Blocks, Interesting Events in Early British History, Caracticus, Togodumnus, Celt, Druid and Culdee

    Causation, Effectation and Intelligence
    Is There Any Evidence For God? mathematics, deductive, inductive, empirical reasoning, Retrocausality

    Dagon and the Tree of Life
    The Miter, Fish God, trees in myth, Cannes

    December 25th
    Egyptian) holy day. Birthday of the Twins, Heru Sa Aset and Bast, children of Aset [Isis], Yule, Modraniht, Horagalles

    Egypt pharaohs & the Bible
    Timeline, Sea Peoples, Habiru, 18th & 19th Dynasty Egypt, Akkadians, Munnabtu and Pateru

    Empiricism vs Rationalism

    Empiricism, in philosophy, a doctrine that affirms that all knowledge is based on experience, and denies the possibility of spontaneous ideas or a priori thought. Rationalism (Latin ratio,”reason”), in philosophy, a system of thought that emphasizes the role of reason in obtaining knowledge. [AI's]

    From the Raven [Woden] to the [Pen]Dragon Part I
    Crisis of the Third Century shakes Rome, Timeline, Mercurial Gods, Rosmerta [consort], Gauls, Tuetones, Lugi

    Hebrew Gematria, DNA and The Big Bang
    Cosmo-Bio link Genesis, Genetic Patterns, THE BIOLOGICAL ABACUS, Stephen C. Meyer, Metaphysics, Attachment of Evidence for HB 17, Plantinga, Signature in the Cell

    Helping atheists understand origins
    Gematria, Shemhamphorasch, boustrophedon [Luwain], Math Theory, Bible proofs ancient

    Helping Creationists Understand Evolution Response
    Craig Paardekooper, Shcherbak, Miloje Rakocevic, Hindu Creation, Scientific and Religious magisterium, Nechunya ben HaKana

    Helping darwinists understand origins

    The use of creation, ie origins and re-creation, ie evolution in a justapostioned argument against

    18 page post as a blog, that gives some outstanding proofs of Genesis Cosmo-Bio-Information Correlations that [have to] pre-date the evolutionary process, Mathematical, Geometric, Gematria, Physics, In Nature.

    Horus and Jesus similar?
    Dying and Resurrecting Gods, Nature and Myth Cycles, Djed, Mithra, Horus

    It's a Tool Smiffey me Lord
    Iron Age Weapons technology, Damascening, Pattern Wielding, Weapon Sacrifice

    Just a Draft for Language
    2 Blogs on some particulars of PIE, Kurkan culture, language and people divisions
    Just Another Language Draft

    Let the gods speak for themselves

    Joshua 10:12-14 - Then spake Joshua to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon. And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. And there was no day like that before it or after it, that the LORD hearkened unto the voice of a man: for the LORD fought for Israel.

    "Jove, most glorious, supreme, that dwellest in heaven, and ridest upon the storm-cloud, grant that the sun may not go down, nor the night fall, till the palace of Priam is laid low, and its gates are consumed with fire. Grant that my sword may pierce the shirt of Hector about his heart, and that full many of his comrades may bite the dust as they fall dying. round him." Agamemnon prayed, saying ...

    men as gods ... or, so it is in heaven so shall it be on earth

    Meso American Missionaries
    Biblical {and yes even some proof in favor of Mormonism) to Meso-American connections

    Origins: Ex Nihilo = Scientific Observation
    Scientists are even saying "Ex Nihilo" Origins 'my word' or Creation is an Observed Fact!

    Respect the Karnaim Spartan (Heraclidae)
    The 3 sons of Aaron are the same as the 3 sons of Horus, Sons of Hera, Heracildae, Horites, Hurrians, Jason the Priest, Sparta

    Rhea, Hera, Astarte and Diana
    the resemblances between [Sarah], Rhea, Hera, Astarte and Diana and the Asiatic Great Mother Concept

    Ritualistic Weapons Sacrifice
    Weapons Sacrifice and the change from single edged swords, Pattern wielding, Damascing origins

    Roman Britain 360-536 Part I
    Anglo-Saxon Shore, Pritani [pirate], Bryton, Prydan, Cymhri, Gogledd and Gywras [raiders and guerras]

    Roman Britain 360-536 Part II
    Timeline, Western Roman British, Welsh, Dumnonii, Scot, Irish, Nordic, Germanic and Arthurian Connections

    Roman Britain 360-536 Part III

    According to research led by University CollegeLondon, Anglo-Saxon settlers could have enjoyed a substantial social and economic advantage over the native Celtic Britons who lived in what is now England, for more than 300 years from the middle of the 5th century.

    Should philosophy be taught at school as a mandatory subject
    Logic as a subject, Aristotle, types of Logic and the use of it

    Simon Magus' Trip to Rome
    A link to the Magic Square Amulets related to the Number of the Beast 666, The Syrian-Babylonian Connection [Mammon was the Syrian God], Pontifex_Maximus, VICARIUS FILII DEI 666, Pergamon. Judea, Rome

    Some Runes Fiord Yore Tome Gremel
    A Study on Runes and how they relate to Angle-Saxon-Nordic culture, [Beowolf, Wuffingas]
    Some Tomes Fiord Yoor Rune Gremel

    The Biblical King David
    High, Middle and Low Chronology, Shechem, Alphabet, Izbet Sartah ostracon and the Gezer calendar ... And the Cohanim Blood line can be dated as far back as about 1300 BC.

    The Cosmic Gameplan
    The Mill of Time, Job, Planets, The Transit of Venus, Ammisaduqa, Zodical Dust, Interstellar Distances

    The Cosmic Gameplan - The Lord of Misrule, Ophiucus.
    The 13th Constelllation, Serpens, Asclepius, Nehushtan, Orion vs Orphiucus

    The Cosmic Gameplan - The Mazzaroth
    The zodiacal belt was the frame of reference originally used by Babylonian astronomers ... the Babylonian Legends of Creation: The Seven Tablets of Creation. Description of Their Contents ... MUL-APIN ... The earliest characters of the Phoenician [and Hebrew] alphabet, spelled out the stars ... Aleph, Taurus, etc ...

    The Frisian Frenzy Factory
    Radbod, Oera Linda, The Lowland Kings through 1000 AD, Finn, son of Folcwald, was a legendary Frisian lord. He is mentioned in Widsith, in Beowulf

    The Gods of Land, Sea and Air (Wind)
    Medusa, the Aegis, the wells of Pegasus, Leviathan, Typhon, Basilisk, Vritra

    The Helm of the Wolf, Bear and Dragon
    Line to the French Cladius, Norseman and Varazdat

    The Muses, the Raven and the Valkries.
    "Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns driven time and again off course, once he had plundered the hallowed heights of Troy." Homer, in Book I of The Odyssey (Robert Fagles translation, 1996)

    The Perfect Number 496 and the Prime Number 37
    String theory was once pushed to the closet, by the confusion of relating multiple dimensions ... leading to more problems ... In the Fabric series on Nova, 496, a perfect number was associated with solving this problem ... I immediately recognized this was a very significant Bible number ... The Bible is encoded with Prime numbers and Mathematical formula, the Number 37 and DNA, The Circle and Time, Linearity and DIMensions. Ancient Religious Sages may have made the correlation in the statement that goes something like this -> That realty that we now see ... is perception, an illusion, wrapped in a paradox, surrounded by an enigma.

    The Phoenicians - Their Past and Legacy
    Sicilians, Haplo J2, Tartessians, Vandalusia, Alans, Canaanite-Phoenician (Northwest Semitic)
    The Phoenicians - Their Legacy and Past

    The Rise and Fall of the Huns

    By 450 [Western] Roman control of Gaul had grown feeble, [including] all of the provinces beyond Italy. Celtic Armorica was only nominally part of the empire. [Bordering] Germanic tribes had been forcibly settled and served as foederati under their own leaders. Northern Gallia Belgica had unofficially been abandoned to the Franks. The Visigoths in Gallia Aquitania were growing restive. The Burgundians near the Alps were more submissive, but likewise awaiting openings for revolt. The only parts still securely in Roman control was the Mediterranean coastline.

    The Shield of the Bear, the Cape of the Wolf, The Mead Halls of the Berserker

    Stein Halfdansson was the son of Halfdan Hvitbeinn of the House of Yngling according to Heimskringla. He inherited the throne of Romerike. He was known by his nickname Eysteinn Fart, an Old Norse name, possibly meaning "the swift" ... Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye was born with the image of the ouroboros, a snake or dragon biting its own tail, encircling the pupil of his left eye ... men clad in wolf skins

    The Shroud
    Probably the single most significant proof of a physical Messiah, and a high probability that The Fabric of Time offers proof of supernatural or more than natural evidence

    The Sun, Moon, Stars and Hu Gadarn
    Cernunnos, Hu Garn, Druids, Cimmerii, Kimera, Ancient evidence of advanced metalworking skill, Myth

    The Way of the Wilderness and the Crossing of the Red Sea
    The Exodus according to myth, history, the Bible, Map, highway, byways, waterways and fortifications of Egypt down through history, Pihahiroth, Baalzephon, Bedouins, sarbet-khardim

    The West Veneti Line of Kings [Micro-History]
    History of Britany, Amorica, the Damnonii, Veneti, Venelli, Domnonée, Bretagne, Normans, Alans, Angevins

    Troy Asia Minor Greece
    Troy as seen from Asia Minor, Sparda, Sardis, The Battle of the Eclipse

    Tyrrhenian Etruscii
    Tarchon, Villanovan, Tyrrhenian, Etruscii, Pyrgi Tablets, Liber Linteus, Pyrgi Tablets, etc

    What killed the ancient world?
    Roman Age Production, Weather, Cosmic Events, War and its cosequences

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