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Thread: Help with Thesis Statement for "A Tale of Two Cities"

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    Exclamation Help with Thesis Statement for "A Tale of Two Cities"

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    They're not bad. I'd try to make them more specific. That will give you and your professor a greater sense of how the paper will be developed later. I'd also try to work in overt references to the three requirements of the essay: theme, style, and tone

    So, say if I took this one:

    In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens attests that the capacity for good and evil is the source of human conflict. Thus conflicts such as THIS, THIS, and THIS illustrate Dickens' thematic ideas of good and evil. These thematic ideas are also developed in the style of his dialogue in THIS and THIS character and the overall shifting tones of the novel which shift from THIS to THIS to THIS.

    There. That looks better. Personally, I think the idea that a thesis has to be only one measly sentence is ridiculous. But if your prof hold to this idea, use semi-colons where I put the periods.
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