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Thread: Creating a Writing Group

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    Success also takes planning, I don't care how young or how old you are, and my questions may have been assertive, but exposed that Snowman needs to focus on organization, especially in a live format.

    Edit: What irks me, though I should know better, is the community pressure to see poetry and fiction as a fun form of self-expression that forges virtual community bonds. I have observed it many times before, and that is fine. I have no argument with posters who find this therapeutic-- but there is a vast professional class of creative writers, and I could have given the OP links which might have helped him cull other students for members-- but without a degree Snow couldn't compete in a caste that is flooded with teachers who do this for a living.

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    Snow ~ it sounds like you are planning for your group to live in the vast World Wide Web. I think Hill's suggestions are very worthy then and you should give them a try. Word of mouth is also good but as slow as a snail. We often talk to people about things; you are excited and they get excited but back at home time takes up our space and things easily get lost or forgotten.

    I have been invited to be a moderator on a group known as Writer’s Block and it seems that this group as well as many other groups fall under the umbrella of Yuku. With my recent computer issues I have not had the time to research WB or Yuku but it seems brimming with groups…..perhaps you could look into that. Once I get my all my keys back and learn more I will be happy to share.

    As far as starting a writers group the only thing you really need is a TOU (Terms of Use). These guidelines let your members know what is and is not allowed…..swearing, explicit sex scenes, belittling others… determine those. You can find them on any writing group to give you some ideas.

    So there are three in your group to be …three is a good number and as long as there are two, you are off to a good start.

    I manage a writer’s group. Yes, I know that must shock many of you here after reading my writings!!! My group started out with two and now has 63 members.

    "Writers' Groups are mainly about sharing your work with others, gaining feedback and avoiding that feeling many writers have of being adrift and in isolation from their fellow scribes." per Hill

    My group is known as Your Right to Write and is based off the premise that the group belongs to the members and freedom of speech reigns. They have learned to ‘stroke each other’ and reply with respect. Most importantly realize that everyone….each single person who post is doing so to be acknowledged, recognized perhaps even looking for critic (much like me here!)

    "Make it sound as relaxed as possible and people who might otherwise be daunted will come to check it out hopefully." by Mr. H

    And remember just cuz you have a writing group does not mean all you do is write…you must have fun and welcome your new members…use photos and videos in your writes to bring home the story cuz all of us are human and even the most stuffiest writer with a thousand publishing enjoys a smile. I have quite a few published writers…

    “My play, 'White Witch'; was nominated in 14 categories for our rather prestigious Actor Boy Awards. I was at the ceremony in Kingston last night and we won THIRTEEN including best musical, best new play and best production for 2010. I am still floating on my cloud 13 but will descend to earth tomorrow when I get back to work at school.” This post is from the author Jane Crichton.

    I have some who struggle to write and the members help them out. That is what a writer’s group is all about.

    OK ~ I’m babbling….point is ~ just do it. Set up your TOU; pick a star out of the dark night sky and go. Have fun, enjoy!

    I have a writing prompt to post!


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    A waste of time and energy, probably. You're alone in it. Constructs like LitNet are much more economical in terms of caring for any ego/emotions that need tending, it's a self sufficient beast that will persist with or without your exertion.


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