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Thread: Gonzalo's last speech

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    Gonzalo's last speech

    What is the significance of Gonzalo's last speech in The Tempest


    Was Milan thrust from Milan, that his issue
    Should become kings of Naples? O, rejoice
    Beyond a common joy, and set it down
    With gold on lasting pillars: In one voyage
    Did Claribel her husband find at Tunis,
    And Ferdinand, her brother, found a wife
    Where he himself was lost, Prospero his dukedom
    In a poor isle and all of us ourselves
    When no man was his own.

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    soundz of silenz


    sh! aRee speaK:

    Where the Bee suxs hurts like 'ell,
    Ask the name and seeke oLde speLL.
    Do it right and you wil find
    Love's Lost Letter in th' minde.

    S H A K E S P E A R E

    I K L : 9 10 11 (don't kil the b, lik the hunee)

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