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Thread: Which poem is more Modern?

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    Which poem is more Modern?

    Hardy's "The Darkling Thrush"


    Hardy's "I Looked Up from My Writing"?

    and why?

    I need to write an essay response for my Modern Poetry class and am quite at a loss. Any help would be immensely appreciated.

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    How do you define “modern”? Was it defined by your teacher?
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    Modern as in the Modernist Era...that's all I know. My teacher is honestly not very helpful.

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    Then... how do you define the essential characteristics of Modernism and how do each of these poems fit into these definitions. My guess is that your teacher is not after a right or wrong answer, but wishes to see you defend you choice according to your understanding of Modernism.
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    Please someone help...

    Here is a list of characteristics but I've been sitting here for hours looking up the definitions of these definitions and it's just so difficult. I'm terrible at identifying the use of these things inside the poems. I'm not an English major...I shouldn't have taken this high lvl poetry class, but it's too late to drop it now. Please help...

    * Free indirect speech
    * Stream of consciousness
    * Juxtaposition of characters(like an angel and a devil who are friends)
    * Wide use of classical allusions (like the use of Ulysses myth in Ulysses by James Joyce)
    * Figure of speech
    * Intertextuality
    * Personification
    * Hyperbole
    * Parataxis
    * Comparison[vague]
    * Quotation
    * Pun
    * Satire
    * Irony
    * Antiphrasis
    * Unconventional use of metaphor
    * Symbolic representation
    * Psychoanalysis
    * Discontinuous narrative
    * Multiple narrative points of view

    Thematic Characteristics:
    * Breakdown of social norms
    * Realistic embodiment of social meanings
    * Separation of meanings and senses from the context
    * Despairing individual behaviours in the face of an unmanageable future
    * Spiritual loneliness
    * Alienation
    * Frustration when reading the text
    * Disillusionment
    * Rejection of history
    * Rejection of outdated social systems
    * Objection to traditional thoughts and traditional moralities
    * Objection to religious thoughts
    * Substitution of a mythical past
    * Two World Wars' effects on humanity

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    Here's what I've found so far...

    The Darkling Thrush was written in first person, a theme is loss of hope for humanity's future, it has personification in the first stanza, hyperboles, and makes use of parataxis.

    I'm so stressed...this essay is due tomorrow

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    I finished my essay. It's not great, in fact I'm certain I wont receive an A. But I did my best...thanks for the help everyone.

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