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Thread: Disintised Society - Ultra-Violent Post-Apocalyptic Action Drama!!!

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    Exclamation Disintised Society - Ultra-Violent Post-Apocalyptic Action Drama!!!

    Written by Matthew B Miller
    Copyright 2011
    Disintised Society
    Scene 1
    Character List
    Clyde, Dave, Veronica, Kid, Guy

    On Screen: Disintise: (Verb) To destroy; completely remove.

    Theme song:
    Narrated: Years after the last bomb had fallen; when the rain still burned our skin; most of the world was dead. Survivors were forced out of their homes from the valleys and mountains out into the desert. Mostly only the young and the strong survived. Disintised was society.
    Clyde, Dave, and Veronica are all in the scene around a freshly dug grave covered with stones.
    Clyde: I guess thatís the last weíll see of WalterÖ You two ready?
    They all move on-
    Dave: I like it here.
    Clyde: Alright, weíll make camp.
    Dave and Veronica sleep besides each other. Clyde attends to the fire overnight in a time-lapse. The next morning foraging. -
    Clyde: When is Veronica going to make you get a job?
    Dave: What?
    Clyde: Maybe it would help if I pronounciate. Donít you understand English?
    Dave: Yeah, I just donít understand your questionÖ Iím getting really sick of you.
    Clyde: What are you going to do about it?
    Dave: Stuff.
    Clyde: What stuff?
    Dave: Bad stuff.
    Clyde: Iím going to wire you from a tree as a puppet, and strew your intestines through the branches! Iím going to feed your brains to squirrels. It'll be nuts.
    Dave: Keep that up and youíll be eating your teeth for breakfast.
    Clyde: Iíd like to see that.
    Dave: Iíll knock you so hard it separates youíre brain stem. Youíll be a vegetable for life.
    Clyde: (pointing his finger) You donít have what it takes!
    Dave: Youíre pushing it.
    Clyde and Dave walk down a grade lined with trees to the river with containers. Clyde forages for berries while Dave searches for crawdads in the river. They can hear from a mile away a motorcycle approaching so they stay in wait hoping the rider will pass. When he stops nearby; Clyde and Dave leave passing the rider across the grade on a parallel trail.
    Guy: (mumbling) ****ing Kids better not touch my bike.
    Clyde and Dave approach the bike opposite the tree line. Clyde takes out his wallet and removes a folded piece of wire; proceeding to easily pick the saddle box locks.
    Dave: Iím going to head back.
    Clyde: Alright.
    Dave walks out into the desert.
    Clyde: These are more valuable than gold.
    Clyde finds most of a carton of cigarettes which he stuffs in his backpack after removing a case. Clyde also finds a gun which he places in his waist. Clyde unscrews the gas cap, then tosses it; walking back paces. Clyde packs a case of cigararets, and opens them; lighting, puffing cigarretts - tossing several in aim; landing eventually in the motorcycleís gas tank. The bike blazes. Clyde runs to catch up with Dave.
    Veronica is sitting by the camp fire.
    Veronica: Did you bring back anything?
    Clyde: Some berries
    Dave: A few crawdads.
    Clyde: and cigarettes!
    Clyde tosses Veronica a pack.
    They ate lunch and moved on.-
    They sight something in the distance.
    Clyde: Itís a missile.
    Dave: What would it be doing out here so far from anything?
    Clyde: Obviously it wasnít working right.
    Clyde walks up the apex of the protruding missile. He sits down and passes apples out from his backpack.
    Dave: Aren't you concerned that might be leaking radiation?
    Clyde: No, I like to live life dangerously; besides, we're exposed to it all the time. We're not going to live forever, not like this anyways. (Pointing into the distance) I really think things are going to start getting a lot better. I hear they've been planting hemp plants places like in Chernobyl around here back in the valleys to absorb heavy metals, and that people have seen huge machines filtering radiation out of the soil. I'm sure people have been working on it and making progress.
    Dave: Like who?
    Clyde: The government?
    Dave: What?
    Clyde: I'm not sure, but someone's probably working on it.
    Veronica: I donít believe it! You're always talking about this **** - ****ing telling everyone we meet, and its all unfounded! Perhaps someday... long from now the world will be for others as we remember it...
    Arriving from a distance someone appears.-
    Kid: Hey! I noticed you're smoking cigarettes. Can I have one?
    Clyde: No.
    Kid: Címon! I need one! If I don't get a cigarette Iím going to kill myself!
    Veronica: No one cares!
    Kid: C'mon! C'mon! I'll think you're really cool!
    Veronica: ...Damn it! Alright, just because I'm trying to get rid of you; if I give you the rest of this pack will you walk away?
    Kid: Sure...
    Kid walks closer, and Veronica tosses him her nearly empty pack.
    Kid: Iíve been following you for a while. Itís good to know who youíre dealing with before you make contact. I want to walk with you. You could use someone like me. I'm really resourceful; I know the area, and how to deal with people and stuff.
    Clyde: No, weíre fine on our own.
    Kid: AlrightÖ Well, later...
    The kid walks off into the distance.-
    The view goes to the bikerís camp in mid-night; he is passed out with out with half a bottle of liquor besides him. The kid sneaks up, but fails to steal the bottle. He's caught by the ill tempered biker who beats him.
    Kid: (urgently concerned) Stop! Stop! Stop please! I know where the kids are who messed up your bike! I'll take you where they are!
    Guy points his finger -
    Guy: Youíre gon'n'a take me there first thing in the morning!
    The guy ties the kid up; but after he falls asleep the kid struggles himself free. The kid walks over to the biker and picks up the liquor - to douse and ignite him ablaze with a stick from the fire; which he continues to beat him with.
    At camp in the morning light - Clyde packs his pockets with cigarettes.
    Clyde: I care about as much for you as I do footwear, or chump change. Maybe if I find half a candy bar or something on the ground I'll bring it back for you.
    Dave: ReallyÖ Well Iíll miss you too Clyde... We're heading to the next crossroads; and while we're there maybe we'll leave a stone... maybe. We'll probably just join a cloud and move on.
    Clyde walks towards the fire aside Veronica. Clyde takes off his coat, and hangs it from Veronicaís shoulder; she drops it to the ground.
    Clyde: Itís been cold outsideÖ I'm taking off for a while. You know I have to go and do thisÖ Iíve always really loved you.
    Veronica: YeahÖ well, I hate you Clyde.
    Clyde: ...Well, whatever we have we can settle it later.
    Clyde walks off towards the mountains.
    Veronica and Dave are standing besides each other at the ridge where they were camped. Veronica is wearing the leather coat she received from Clyde.
    Dave: Now itís just you me and the sunshine. This is the way things were always suppose to be.

    Disintised Society
    ActII - Clyde's Journey

    Character list

    Clyde, Biker1, Biker2, Man, Woman, Mutant

    Clyde walks across an empty plain for several days. He stops to eat an apple from his pack under the shade one of few scarce trees. Moving on Clyde treks to and climbs over and between steep shale rock hills.
    In the distance thereís the sound of a loud crash, and motorcycle revs. Clyde walks to a vantage point to watch the scene unfold. Two bikers converge on the driver's side door and pull a half conscous man out proceeding to beat him with bat and chain. A woman gets out of the passenger side screaming.
    Woman: Stop! Stop! Thatís my husband!
    The biker binds the man's wrists to his ankles with jumbo quick ties while the other rider grabs the woman. The biker flips open his knife and cut's the man's shirt open down from the collar. The woman struggles free, but is quickly shot down.
    Biker: Hurry up! Run the chains across!
    The second rider lays the chains out to his bike; while the other biker hooks the man's intestines. Revving his engine the rider speeds his motorcycle pulling the man's guts out until they snap. His bindings are cut leaving him in a pool of blood atop his broken entrails.
    The bikers speed off in the same direction that Clyde continues to travel; parallel to the highway.
    Continuing Clyde walks another couple of days through the hills stopping for a moment at the next crossroads on the outskirts of town; where is a shack which is the biker gang's hang-out. They're running a generator, playing music, drinking beer, liquor, and shooting up. Clyde fades back into the hills and continues where he's going.-
    Clyde gets to town - passing through empty cityscape; devistated by mass-radiation. Trekking through side streets and alleys.-

    Clyde: (narrating) Home seemed not to be what I once remembered it, or thought it would be on my return. Bikers ran the town at their will, chilling to refuel at gas stations when they weren't terrorizing people on the highway or hording resources. The afflictions of the radiation; the result of their dependence on towns drives them completely insane.

    Clyde climbs on top a building down the street and watches past the corner of the block at a gas station; starving, knowing that there is food inside.
    Clyde: (narrating) All I wanted was an easy meal.
    Waiting for the station to empty; a short time passes.

    Biker1: Hey, you see that guy? (Pointing)
    Biker2: Yeah, I didn't think much of him.
    They go back to small talk with each other.
    Clyde: (narrating) It started to rain so I had to take cover.
    Clyde walks to the building's edge, then hops down and slips on the wet dumpster top and makes a lot of noise.
    Biker1: Hey, you hear that?
    Biker2: Yeah, lets check it out.

    The two riders get on their bikes. Clyde runs down the street - persued through an alley he jumps a wire fence; as the bikers are right behind him.

    Biker1: Hey kid! We just want to talk to you!
    As Clyde attempts to escape inside a building Biker1 grabs Clyde's pant leg, but Clyde kicks free and climbs inside.

    Biker1: ****ing Kid! (Flipping open his knife; holding it up) You ever wonder how your skins attached!?!
    Biker2: Hey dude, lets go. This rain is burning my skin.
    Clyde walks infront several windows watching the bikers ride off and leave; looking out from an almost pitch black room. Clyde sighs a sigh of relief and almost for a moment doesnít realize the danger around him.
    There are skins stretched on racks, faces without forms to be sewn a fitted for mutants. Behind from the shadows appears a figure sneaking up with a knife to cut Clyde's throat; but alerted from a creak in the floor Clyde spins around, pulls out his gun and shoots him.
    Mutant: (lying, gasping - grasping in the air) All I've wanted was to become more human... Oh God, why have you forsaken'd me!?!
    Two more shots flash and light up the room (which is the only time you get a real good glimpse of inside the tannery). Clyde slides out the side door and runs down the street trying to cover himself from the rain. He takes quick cover until the sky clears, then keeps trekking. Clyde gets to the house where he grew up, and walks and through an unlocked door.
    Everything sits mostly untouched. Clyde walks through a dining room set for a man long since dead. He goes through the cabinets, but thereís isn't much. Clyde eats a meal; but mostly leaves heavy cans.
    Clyde walks around, and picks up a few things around the house. Out in the back yard Clyde picks up a shovel then walks to a tree, then out paces and begins digging. Clyde unearths a box, cleans it off - looks inside then shoves it in his pack.
    Clyde leaves town through a roundabout path.

    Disintised Society
    Act III - Moving On

    Character List

    Clyde, Traveler1, Traveler2, Dave, Veronica, Kid, Guy2(extra)

    With the mountains behind him Clyde walks towards the morning's rising sun. He can't overlook the opportunity to steal fresh vegetables from a field. Clyde grabs a few things before he has to run; confronted but not pursued by a man in a hazardous materials suit wielding a rake - who stands shaking his fist in disapproval.
    Clyde intersects two other travelers.-
    Traveler1: We were traveling North East in a cloud towards Pendleton; 20 or 30 people but it got too big, so we split. We're headed towards Helena anyways. We thought we could gain an advantage trekking infront of everyone else.
    Traveler2: Do you know where there's food or clean water around?
    Clyde: No.
    Traveler2: No?... You look like you're doing well. We've been breaking our brains every day to day trying to gather the resources to survive trying to figure out what to do once we get to Helena; if they'll even let us in - or if we'd be better off in Fossil. What do you think?
    Clyde: (shrugs) I donít know...
    Traveler2: Where are you coming from and where are you going? Whatís going on back there the way we saw you came?
    Clyde: I'm headed to meet some friends. Its still a few days walk. You donít want to go back the way I just came.
    Traveler2: Why? Whatís there?`
    Clyde: Some bad stuff. I've been running all around in the nuclear zone. A motorcycle gang has taken over my home town, mutants skin people for wear, underground dwellers ascend to the surface with hazardous material suits to farm their crops.
    Traveler2: I dont believe you...You weren't in the nuclear zone. You've got nothing but bad information. You're a liar, and a faker!
    Clyde: I'm telling you the truth man.
    Traveler2: Whatever... We need to keep moving. (Looking over) You ready?
    Traveler1: Yeah.
    The travelers and Clyde depart in separate directions. Clyde walks several more days until he arrives at the crossroads; after where he left his friends. Clyde comes upon a field of painted stones. Clyde looks around for his symbol, then lifts a stone - turns it over to read it; then tosses it.
    Clyde walks to the door of a nearby shanty; knocks quickly then just walks in. Dave, the Kid from earlier, and some other guy are just chillin'.
    Dave: Hey.
    Clyde: Hey... I knew you wouldn't make it far without me. Whereís Veronica?
    Dave: She's out back.
    Clyde walks through, then out the back door. Veronica is sitting; still wearing Clyde's jacket looking out at the horizon.
    Clyde: Hey.
    Veronica: Hey... I was starting to think that we'd finally lost you.
    Clyde: You know that nothing could ever keep me from you; besides I'm the greatest!
    Veronica: (sarcastically) Yeah Clyde... You're the greatest.
    Clyde: So how have things been?
    Veronica: Better since you've been gone.
    Clyde: I've brought some things back; (Opens his pack) pictures of people we used to know, old letters; some personal affects. This is a time capsule I watched my uncle burry. He filled it full of drugs when he was wacked out worried about cops. I've brought this back to share with you.
    Veronica: Yeah?
    Clyde: So whatís been going on? You and Dave have been crashing here?
    Veronica: Yeah, but thereís not enough for me here. I need more stimulation than just sitting around all the time. Now that you're back; I guess we can keep moving on.
    Clyde: Alright. Well, you about ready?
    Veronica: Yeah. I'm going to go get Dave, and gather my stuff.
    Veronica walks inside; Dave walks out a moment later.
    Dave: So what have you been up to?
    Clyde: Trekking through the nuclear zone. I've come back with a cache of things you've probably never seen before.
    Dave: Like what?
    Clyde: (showing Dave) Assorted pills, acid, weed. Veronica and I are going to trip tonight.
    Dave: Do you have some for me?
    Clyde: No. I'm only sharing with Veronica.
    Dave: Oh... So, how are you going to give Veronica that hit of acid? You going to slip it in her drink?
    Clyde: No. I'm going to feed it to her like a pet. I'm going to stick it on her tongue, and tell her to keep it in her mouth and suck on it.
    Dave: Really... You'd better wipe that ****ing smile off your face!
    Clyde: Thatís not the only thing I'm going to be wiping off my face.
    Dave: What!?! What the **** are you going to wipe off your face Clyde!?!
    Clyde:... Veronica.
    A fight ensues.
    Veronica: Stop! Stop!
    Veronica runs out and pulls Dave back.
    Dave: You should have heard the offensive things he said about you!
    Veronica: That doesn't mean you should attack Clyde. If I'm offended then I can deal with it myself!
    Clyde brushes off. Clyde, Veronica, and Dave walk off into the desert.
    Veronica: So, you going to tell me what he said?
    Dave: No, It's too vulgar.
    Clyde: (pointing at Dave continuing to walk) I'm going to get you to repeat what I said; a million times - in your mind.
    Clyde, Veronica and Dave walk off into the Horizon.


    If you like this and want to continue reading the full script you can search for Disintised Society as an Ebook on Smashwords or Lulu. I'm trying to raise money to produce this as a film.
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