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Thread: Regret and repeat.

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    Regret and repeat.

    Take a breath, close your eyes. Try not to wince when the pain hits, but sometimes it’s just too much. Draw in a sharp breath, he asks what’s wrong. Nothing, you say, I’m fine. He doesn’t believe you but the desire is to strong. You don’t have the heart to stop him and he keeps going. Just relax, you tell yourself. Relax and it will be fine.

    Before you know it’s over, he’s walking to the bathroom and you’re alone. Numb, and alone. You almost wish for the pain again, just to feel something. Sigh, close your eyes again…regret is starting to set in. At least you’re feeling something, but remorse is not the feeling you’d hoped for. You swear you’ll put your foot down next time; you’ll stop being so easy.

    He’s back, he holds you in his arms and suddenly you feel safe. Cuddling under the covers, everything is ok now. Feeling his warmth next to you makes it worth it. Finally, you relax.

    He whispers in your ear, “I love you babe,” and you smile. And you know it will always be the same. You’ll always give in; you’ll always be this way. You don’t have the heart to say no, you want him to be happy and have pleasure. Because that’s what love is, right?

    Somehow you know you’ll continue the cycle of regret…and repeat.

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    It wasn't so long ago that most women were taught to feel this way: sex is a duty, your primary purpose is to pleasure your husband. This character has accepted that love consists of a lot of give and take, and she's willing to make that compromise because she gets warmth and security in return. Brave of you to tackle this topic that's still somewhat taboo...

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    Not something many women will admit to - particularly to their partner, since very little will hurt a male's ego more than being told he is an insensitive lover.

    I'm sensing this has the potential to be expanded upon... now the bedroom door is open, let us into the room.


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