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Thread: Would YOU Do It?

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    Would YOU Do It?

    Would do go through all of what Dante did?
    I would.
    I asked my dad, who read the book in high school and is a fan of it, he said absolutely not.
    I would. I would have a man that died about 100-200 years ago guide me through it, I don't know who though. I don't know why I would like to, for some reason it just interests me to go through it myself. Then, of course, end up in Heaven (Paradise) at the end of the journey.

    What about you?
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    I would so do what Dante did. It would be scary, but the experience would be incredible. A once in a lifetime opportunity in more ways than one.

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    I am actually writing a poem about a similar question. Would you go to hell to meet Virgil? My answer to your question and my own is absolutely yes.

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    Would I go to Hell, meet Virgil et al - absolutely.

    Would I get drunk and pass out in the forest for three days (as one strange reading of the Comedia suggests) - maybe.
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    Interesting question which begged to be answered.
    No I would not for the simple reason that every individual pain treshold or happiness is different.
    There is no guarantee for you to come out of it untouched or unharmed or even transformed person.
    Dante's trip is a hell of a journey that no one can do without some kind of psycholoigal damage.
    Dante does not focus onhow he/the journeyer has been affected by the whole thing.
    he does not focus on the mental side of it.
    No man I know does not get some kind of repercusion internal of physical of what they have lived and experienced through life.
    If you think of life situations such as tragedies people get affected by them and are left with scares some of them are healed and som are not.
    The human nature/brain is not fit to cope with the idea of death/hell/ lightely.
    Just look around you and see people dying in wards that is worse then Hell I would imagine.
    Every person, all of us, are at some stage in our life, maybe affected/traumatised by loss, pains, wars,bullying...etc..
    Dante's The Divine Comedy lacks 'true reality' and what the human mind can actually take or not.
    It is a poem like a hollywood movie, where it all looks Ok and brilliant even wars films, violence, killing, shooting you name it, but because it is a film we become desensetized and therefore no longe process the actual pains and consquences of what we are watching in a movie until as they say 'it hits you'.
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    It almost comes down to a choice between happiness and art where the choosers of art are the only true artists. However, if that is the case, why is Dante still a poet in the Paradiso?

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