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Thread: What was your favourite adventure?

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    What was your favourite adventure?

    I just finished reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and I liked all of the stories and I have grown quite fond of Holmes and Doyle's writing.
    Two stories stood out to me above the rest. These were The Adventure of The Beryl Coronet because of being so unpredictible (although I predict very little of any of his adventures) and my favourite, The Red-Headed League for being so absurd a story to begin with before ending as a well thought out crime.

    So what were your favourite of the adventures and why?

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    Hound of the Baskervilles from me. Loved it's atmosphere. Loved it's intriguing dual level semi-occult plot device. Loved the beginning when he's deducing the owner of the cane. I think it may also be the one where he makes an astute observation about someone who enters his den without ever looking up at them nor turning around, and later polishes the silverware he'd been staring into to see behind him.

    Brilliant 11/10

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    The adventures of the six napoleons. Sherlock Holmes like his work, and Lestrade say a wonderful words from him. :o)

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