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Thread: ghost of christmas past

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    ghost of christmas past

    Ghost of Christmas past

    Christmas has come again
    to haunt me torment me with
    ghost of Christmas past
    I see my friends having such fun making plans
    spending time with loved ones
    I have none
    pasted on face for family and friends
    while my heart breaks from within
    each year its worse being alone
    I dream of someone special
    who will always be there
    spending life together
    everyday a Christmas time
    I blame not the world
    the guilt is all mine
    always alone at holiday time
    some flaw in my being
    who can say
    what's keeps love at bay
    it hurts so deeply
    I pray someday
    someone will love me for
    who i am
    what I have to give
    loving them through the holidays
    and every day after will be
    Christmas to me

    dark 2010

    ok guys this holliday season is harder than most not sure i am going to make it

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    Very well written.
    I'm sure you will make it
    All the best.

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    Get out there amid the people. You will make it. Make merry at all costs.
    Best wishes

    For those who believe,
    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

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