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    the game

    Wanna play? the games called love, at first its fun but feelings can shove and push us apart, that's how you lose, so be careful not to stray to loose and watch out for your team mate, they can lie and cheat so they're the only one to win, see this game can be cruel but it can be life changing too, you can play for weeks or months or even years and this game will still go strong but one bad move and everything will go wrong, it'll make you go mad it'll make you so sad, you'll cry very often, you'll cut your wrists open, you'll watch yourself bleed, you'll lose so much sleep, and when it all looks like its about to end your team mate will take you for one last spin, that's the final nail in the coffin boys and girls, it's the thing that makes you wanna hurl, it makes you try to end a completely different game, that's the game called life, so grab your knife and do as i do, grasp firmly, hold it up in the air, bring it down too your heart, no were not cutting our hair, now take your last breath and fall to your knees, that was a good game now stop crying please


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    The layout is challenging, but I found your words and sentiments recognisable, well expressed and honest. It was dark without being reliant on its darkness alone and it made me read it more than once. I found a truth in it that I took pleasure in finding.
    best wishes

    For those who believe,
    no explanation is necessary.
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    none will suffice.

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    Thanks a lot for your input Jerry, it is very much appreciated.

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    I have the same issue here again because of the rant style format. Strings of sentences. It may just be me but its so off putting that I cannot appreciate your writing in the way it might so well deserve.
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