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Thread: An abrupt end???

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    Question An abrupt end???

    Dear all
    Don't you feel that Mansfield park ended abruptly..The story was going on smoothly when suddenly fanny gets the news that Charles and maria have eloped..Even at that time, Mary Crawford tends to take her brother's side..
    Then in quick succession Edward breaks up with Mary whom he admired ardently and marries his sister-like-cousin fanny..
    What might have been the mood and mental framework of Jane while picturing this and ending the novel in an imbroglio way..??
    Kindly comment...

    Thanks for your time in advance...

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    Have to admit Austen could have gone another 50 pages on the fallout alone. I just finished Mansfield Park a day ago and overall liked it much better than Sense and Sensibility. I have noticed Austen starts a romantic scene but never quite finishes it up. Would have loved a chapter or two on Edmund discovering his love for Fanny in all its tender glory. Lady Susan has a quick ending as well.

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