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    2 5.56%
  • Anyhow In A Corner

    14 38.89%
  • Black Coffee

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Thread: 2010 Annual Short Story Competition Final

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    Have a nice day! Nikhar's Avatar
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    Congrats a ton was truly awesummm!

    Oh btw, I wrote 'Just me and you'. I was actually glad that I managed to get even two votes given the fact that all the other three stories were so superlatively good. However, I do hope that those were not sympathy votes.

    Anyways, since all the guys who have voted have already read the story, I\d be really glad if you could comment on it in the following thread:-

    Each criticism helps me a great deal to grow as a writer. So each comment would be deeply acknowledged.
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    Hey, now that we have five annual winners wouldn't it be cool if all of them get put into a final final competition where the winners of each year are pitted against each other? It probably wouldn't work since we would need the permission of members who might not have been on the forum for years, but it's just an idea.

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    I think all the entrants of the contest were truly good stories, and well-written. And I think the best story won the contest.
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    Congratulations Mark - a delightful short story and a worthy winner. If anyone has any thoughts on the story Black Coffee that they would like to share then please mosey on down to this thread and pull no punches.
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    Good stories! The one that won was particularly good! I had written part of a story a few months ago but never finished it. Darn! Well, I'm sure it wouldn't have won against many of these great ones though. Cheers!

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    A turn on Icarus and Daedalus? But very well written! I commend you.

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