What do you think of this text? I personally found it very disappointing. I came into it hoping for something akin to Ovid's Heroides, but the tales felt very reductive and repetitive. In comparison, Ovid's letters are so much more dynamic and emotionally engaging.

The (F text) prologue was absolutely beautiful, and it raised my hopes, but the rest of the text did not measure up IMO.

Having said that, I did enjoy Chaucer's take on Dido and, to a lesser extent, Ariadne and Philomela. The Thisbe section was so melodramatic that it made me laugh, though I'm not sure whether or not Chaucer intended it to be funny.

I can't place the tone. Did Chaucer intend for these tales to be as tediously didactic as they sound or are they supposed to be satirical? And did he leave the poem unfinished because he grew bored with it (as I did)? Thoughts?