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Thread: What was the title of this children's book? PLEASE HELP.

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    Exclamation What was the title of this children's book? PLEASE HELP.

    I need to remember the name of this children's book.
    It had amazing illustrations.
    It was a story of two kids that went to visit their grandfather. They were lead to believe he was on a haunted island. So they go looking for him on this island and travel through it, and at the end they discover it was really a haunted theme park and their grandfather was the owner.
    It had big illustrations of various sections of the park, and the book itself was huge.

    It is not a Goosebumps book or "Just Tell Me When We're Dead."
    Whenever I search the plot on Google it is nowhere to be found. I've ran into a few people that recall the book but cannot remember the name.

    Ring a bell, anyone?

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    hi ghostieeee

    did you ever find out the name of that book, i had it aswell and really want it


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    Hi guys, the book you're looking for is the Haunted Castle by Leo Hartas

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