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    Page Number Check

    I have an unusual idiosyncracy - nearly a disturbance maybe. Sometimes it bothers me, but I can't seem to do anything about it. I was wondering if anybody else suffers from this complex.

    Whenever I read, I find I have to check the page numbers to make sure that two pages haven't stuck together. This started some time ago, when in fact 2 pages DID stick together and what I was reading made didn't have sense. Of course, I checked that immediately and separated the stuck pages.

    Ever since then, I check. If I forget to check, I might get a quarter of the way down the page and then I remember I haven't checked (even if what I'm reading makes perfect sense, which of course, it ususally does) and then I have to stop, re-read the last sentence and check the page number, just to make sure I haven't skipped one.

    Maybe I should talk this over with a psychologist? I'm not quite this persnickety in most other matters. OK, maybe I am. In many other areas, though (frequency of oil changes, stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, etc), I'm quite careless and cavalier.

    One other note - I just realized that in the book I just finished - The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three, I never looked at the page numbers even once! That says something for how interesting that book was. Maybe there is hope for me... - The entire world united to create a book written by billions of people from all around the world.

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    I'm not a great judge of novels, but can I ask you if that book is better than the Gunslinger? Because I was very disappointed with the first book and didn't bother reading the other Dark Tower books.

    The answer to your question is yes, I also check page numbers.

    But coming back onto the Gunslinger; it read to me as if King made it up as he went along. The plot was a bit weak, I thought.

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    I regularly check, because pages regularly stick together. Every once in a while there wil be a section break at the end of a page, and that can be annoying.

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    I'm an obsessive checker like you I annoy myself with it after a while.
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