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Thread: A Werewolf Thief

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    A Werewolf Thief

    The night started the same as all others, equipping myself with the required gear to infiltrate a well guarded mansion. The goal this time was to steal documents located in one of the offices. I was to accompanied by two others who as per protocol were nameless. So we manage to steal into the mansion via an open window on the third foor. As to be expected the mansion was huge. Eventually we found the office. I snooped around inside, I see the documents and we proceed to escape. We step out of the office. SWOOSH! Out of nowhere we're lunged at, a loud howl echoes through the hall. I was shocked and by the time I registered what had lunged at us, the two nameless who were accompanying me lay on the ground, dead. I looked back up and stood face to face with a 7ft monstrosity. Body covered in fur, claws for hands and feet, blood drenched and a wolves' face. I knew what this was, it was a werewolf. He lunged at me! I dodged and threw down some smoke powder and began running the other way, as any sane person would. Too slow. He was already right behind me, chasing, hunting. I saw a window and thought I thought to myself if I could just make it to the window I'd be safe. Just a little more....CRASH! The monster had tapped my ankles, I feel to the ground. Crap. I thought I was done for, I lay there, my ankles were bleeding endlessly. The beast had left his claw marks behind on my flesh. The wolf stood there momentarily, as if to decide how my fate would be decided. Ears pointed up, drool leaking out of his mouth. He twitched. Was this to be my end?

    BOOOM! An explosion?!?! What's going on? The werewolf too was taken by surprise, dozens of hooded figures came rushing into the hallway. One sprinted towards my assailant with two blades firmly grasped in each hand. The werewolf hunched his head lower and let out a blood curling growl. The hooded figure seemed unaffected as he flipped into the air and landing on the wall. What? He was running along the wall! The werewolf took a battle stance as the hooded figure launched off of the wall towards the beast. I began to feel dizzy. My vision started going blurry, a loud howl, blood splattered the walls, my face. I fell to the ground. Blackness.

    I awoke. Candle light, stained glass windows, wooden benches. I was in a church. I sat up, a splitting headache ripped across my brain. I felt groggy.
    "You're awake!"
    A woman screamed as she ran to me excitedly. I don't recall having ever met her before. She had long black hair and ice blue eyes. She stood at about 5"10 and was of a slender agile frame. At first impression, she looked dangerous beautiful.
    "Bliss" she said.
    "My name is Bliss"
    What a strange name I thought to myself as I stood up. My ankle clearly hadn't recovered at all. I feel to the ground.
    "You need to be careful, it's a pretty severe injury"
    "You don't say"
    She sat beside me, close enough that I could catch her scent. Her heavenly scent. It was, was, Bliss.
    "We found you dumped outside out chapel here, do you remember anything at all?"
    She asked exactly that which I could not mention. I couldn't exactly say "Well, I was just carrying out a thieving job and was planning my escape when all of a sudden I trying to be ripped apart by a being thought to be myth"
    "Uhm..I can't remember anything"
    The expression on her face noted that she didn't believe me. She didn't say anything.
    She just smiled.
    "That's okay, maybe it'll come back to you. In the meantime why don't we get you some food. Here, use me as a crutch"
    I stood up and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. She had such cold, soft skin. Bliss.
    We made our way to the chapels kitchen and I took a seat at the table there.
    "So...." she said as she began slicing some carrots.
    "What was it like seeing a werewolf for the first time?"
    Shock. She knew. How did she know!? What should I do? What should I say?!?
    "It's okay she said, I haven't been exactly truthful with you. Mine name is Bliss and this is indeed a chapel, that much is true. However, we did not find you outside, we found you at the mercy of a werewolf in our raid last night. You see, I am part of a sect of the church which is responsible for the hunting of beings which are an abomination to this world. Werewolves for example. We found you on the ground, at death's doorstep when we raided the werewolf den one week ago"
    I had been asleep for a week?!?
    "I imagine you're feeling groggy? That's the effect of the antidote we've been administering to you over the past week."
    "What?!? For what? Do you seek to poison me?"
    "No, as you're aware, you were attacked by a werewolf. He sunk his claws into your flesh. Even now lycanthropy plagues your body. If we do not counteract this, you're mind will be lost and you'll be doomed to remain in werewolf form until your death. However, by using this antidote, you can remain as a human, and use your human mind to willing shape shift into the shape of the beast, a werewolf. Furthermore, you will not be a bloodthirsty mindless creature upon your change. The antidote allows you to control yourself even in your beastly form."
    I was speechless. Yet, as this beautiful woman, Bliss was speaking with her heavenly English Accent, I felt at ease despite the horrific news she was telling me that would change my life forever.
    "We do not do this out of charity though. You obviously have skill, we also know about your 'shadowy' background. We need people like you, in our organization. Especially now."
    The unfiltered truth. I knew it. The wanted me to work for them.

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