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Thread: Older Oscar Wilde Books. Value?

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    Older Oscar Wilde Books. Value?

    Hello forum

    Please bear with me as i am new here.

    I Have in my possession a couple of Oscar Wilde Texts. They are not origionals i know this. However i am trying to value them.

    The first Book is a copy of "A critic in pall mall" "being extracts from reviews and micellanies"

    The Book has a dark green cover with gold Text and a gold 3 stripe border. The spine has "methuen" written at the base. The title page states "Methuen & co. LTD
    36 Essex street W.C London" The next page (the back of the title page) has small text in the centre "First published in 1919" Then the base of that page has " This selection has been made by Mr. E. V. Lucas" The final text page has " Printed by T. and A. Constable, Printers to his Majesty at the Edinburgh University Press"

    The second book is "The Picture of Dorian Gray" This book features the same cover however the base of the spine has "London" instead of Methuen.

    The title page reads thus (at the base of the page) "Paris Ye Olde Paris Booke-Shoppe 11 Rue De Chateaudunn 1913 London: Simpkin, Marshall & co., LTD."

    on the reverse side of the title page it reads in the center of the page " First published in Lippincott's Magazine, July 1890. First edition, with Preface and seven additional chapters (ward, lock & co.), 1891 present edition first printed, January 1910 Second Printing, June 1913"

    It then has an editorial note dated 1908 by Robert Ross and a publishers note dated 1909 speaking of this being an edition in the style of the popular 5 shilling edition issued by Messrs Methuen.

    The final text page has the same printing statement as the former book.

    I am not interested in selling these books so please do not ask.

    I am however trying to value them.

    Apologies if i have breached forum rules with my thread. Mods please let me know if i have.

    Any help is appriciated as i am having trouble locating details of the exact copies i have on the internet.


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    Those editions are not particularly valuable: in USD probably neither is worth more than $20.

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    oh what a bother ha ha

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    Cool Go to the website vialibri, you can google it.

    On the search page, put in the title and in keyword, put in the publisher. The number of copies for sale will be displayed, then these copies and their price will be given.

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