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Thread: BBC's production of " War and Peace " ( 1972 )

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    BBC's production of " War and Peace " ( 1972 )

    Hello, everyone ! I watched the BBC's production of " W. and P " all week-end, and I recommend it, although I didn't like it at first. The production becomes more and more engrossing as the story progresses.

    Does anyone care to discuss this production, as well as the Soviet version from 1968 and make comparisons ?

    I think it could be an interesting discussion.

    Also, has anyone managed to see the newest version from 2007 ?

    Yours truly,

    " olichka " .

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    Hello olichka,

    I am currently watching the series for the second time. I also watched the 2007 version, but I am inclined to say that the 1972 adaptation is more loyal to the book, and more complete as a result. My nickname already gives me away; the Bolkonsky family intrigues me the most ( from the old Bolkonsky all the way through to his grandson).

    Yours truly,

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