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    I just finished Norwegian Wood. Although it was a disappointing departure from what I expected to get after Kafka on the Shore, if I forget that Murakami wrote it, I'd be pleased with the read.

    I feel myself wanting to take up another Murakami instantly. Which one would you suggest and why? I hope for something not really crazy, with enough philosophical element, as there was in Kafka OTS.

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    The next logical step from Kafka on the Shore is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. It's not too crazy, but has Murakami's usual touches and philosophical elements. It's not perfect. There are times where you'll have to plow through some portions because they're too long, but some of the passages in the book are the best Murakami's ever written.

    I don't think you can really go wrong with any of his novels though. Norwegian Wood is by far his 'straighest' novel. The rest all have traits that Murakami is known for. Some more than others of course, but if you like his writing style and themes then definitely try to read his other novels. A Wild Sheep Chase is a good one.

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    I'd go with Sputnik Sweetheart, shorter and easier to read, not as crazy as Kafka on the Shore or Wind-Up Bird.

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    Yep I would definitely go with Wind Up Bird Chronicles next if you read Kafka on the Shore.

    Murakami is another author whose entire oeuvre I have collected in English translations inlcuding his very rare early pieces Pinball 1973 and Hear the Wind Sing. The reason those 2 are particularly hard to source is becasue Murakami himself had/has placed an English translation embargo upon them. The reason for this is becasue he purportedly feels these are inferior works best left to the dustbin of history. Whilst they are not as good as his later work they still display glimpses of his burgeoning literary talent and do provide an interesting historical perspective on this author's development as a writer.

    Thanks for posting this thread....

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