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Thread: Short Story Club: A Perfect Day for Bananafish by Salinger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil View Post
    Hmm, how apathetic could he be if shoots himself beside her?
    I think it was just a place, didn't matter, and honestly, I doubt she even screamed when it happened, or if she did, it was because she was startled more than anything. Then she probably made arrangements to have her things removed from the room. She was Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948, I donít think he was expecting a reaction, at least I donít think that was why he chose to do it in the room (twin beds, right? well in was 1948), rather than say in the shower or out in the hallway.
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    I read this story years and years ago and remember that I thought it odd of Mr. Salinger because usually his adolescents were the misunderstood and the adults were the phonies, but in this story there is a crossover in Seymore Glass. It's as if he can see the phoniness of both age groups; the wife and her family are materialistic and worried about the looks of things rather than finding out and sorting out the real cause of a potential problem and the little girl is jealous; again, bringing a material quality, that is "my place" for example.

    I thought it a fitting end for a character of Salinger that was not to his usual style to kill himself, because he doesn't belong in a Salinger story.

    I know that is somewhat outside the conversation about the story, but it is what I thought of when I first read it.

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    King Mob,

    Will you open a new thread tomorrow for the second Short Story of August? If so I'll wait for it.
    I'd rather have questions that I can't answer than answers that I can't question.

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    To know about the other members of Seymour's family read Franny and Zooey.

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