“Hello sir, Am I speaking to Mr. John Watson” The other man said
“Sir, My name is Rahul and I am calling from Promathus Pharma, India“
“Yes, Go on Rahul” John said in an anxious state
“I am very pleased to inform you that you were successful in your interview for the post of Assistant Manager for ‘Project M’. And I would like to extend a warm welcome to you when you join us here, and hope your time with us is a successful and rewarding one..”
“ Oh ’Project M’! Very much excited and I am eagerly looking forward to it.“
“Yes sir and we will be sending you a flight ticket to arrive at Delhi and another one for Hyderabad. Anyway you needn’t worry, One of our representatives will be at the airport in Delhi to assist you. You will get to know more details once you reach Delhi” Rahul said
“Yea... Sure”
“Probably you will be there in Delhi after a week. Good Luck, Sir.”
“Hang on, Thanks for the call man.”
“Most welcome sir”
John Watson couldn’t believe his luck, ASSISTANT MANAGER FOR PROJECT M. A dream come true for any scientist dealing with drugs. In an ecstatic mood, He rushed home to convey the news to his family.


__________________________________________________ _______________

Chapter 1

“Hmmm.... You’ve made headlines son” John’s father said
“Yeah, All thanks to Project M” John said
“You should be proud. Anyway what is this, Man-ti-quine, Is M it’s abbreviated form? God knows why drugs are named like this”
John smilingly shakes his head
“It’s Mantiquine dad, Mantiquine and yes, M means Mantiquine. It’s a great project dad and if we complete it successfully, We will revolutionize the field of drugs and medicines”
“What does it do?”
“The unthinkable dad, Actually it’s not a single drug, Mantiquine is a group of 6 drugs. 6 (shows his six fingers) dangerous diseases will be.....(gestures a cut-throat)”
“So one day your father would be cured from diabetes”
“Surely dad, In the near future”

ONE AND A HALF WEEK LATER, JOHN ARRIVES AT Delhi. He is received by a representative at the airport.
“Mr. John Watson?”
“The representative of Promathus”
“Yes sir. Welcome to India. My name is Avinash.”
“Thanks a lot. And you know, I am John”
“Sir, For the time being we will be resting in a hotel and we will have to leave for Hyderabad via tonight’s flight at (takes out the ticket from his pocket and checks the time) 9:30 PM”
“Fine. Can I get to explore this city? I’ve heard that Delhi’s got a great lot of Monuments and Tourist spots”
“It’s up to you sir, But there’s only 9 hours left for your next flight. However, I thought you’d get tired after such a long flight.”
“Come on Avinash, I am 28. So shall we go?”
“As you wish sir.”

2 DAYS LATER JOHN ARRIVES IN HYDERABAD AND IS received by the members of the ‘Project M’ team. The manager of the team, Mr. Arun, A 36-year-old, leads the reception.
“Welcome to ‘Project M’, John”
“Thank you and you must be Mr. Arun. Nice meeting you sir.”
“Nice meeting you too. Let me introduce you to your team members, This is Manohar (pointing to a tall and fat man), He is Krishna (a short man), He is Bashir (the oldest man in the team, 48) and this is Pankaj (a short and calculating person, who looks at everything with scientific eyes) and of course you and me.”
“Nice to meet you all. 6 brainy men will do the unthinkable. (John takes charge as Asst. Manager) Let’s do it men, Let’s cure the world.”
Everybody smiles at the enthusiasm shown by John.
“John, Settle down and take a look around the city, Get acquainted with it as you have to spend 6 months here. Anyway we have to address the press after 2 days and will have to present a project on how our ‘Project M’ shall progress. All the top officials will be invited because you know how important this project is. Also, you have to deliver a short speech, Just about a few lines, Introduce yourself and tell them about why you are here and how important you job stands and something like that.”
“Got it sir. I assure you, I will handle my job well.”

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