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Thread: the dancing horse won's say a word

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    the dancing horse won's say a word


    MOTH. Then I am sure you know how much the gross sum of deuce-ace amounts to.
    ARMADO. It doth amount to one more than two.
    MOTH. Which the base vulgar do call three.
    ARMADO. True.

    MOTH. Why, sir, is this such a piece of study? Now here is three studied ere ye'll thrice wink; and how easy it is to put 'years' to the word 'three,' and study three years in two words, the dancing horse will tell you.

    ARMADO. A most fine figure!
    MOTH. [Aside] To prove you a cipher.

    ARMADO. I will hereupon confess I am in love. And as it is base for a soldier to love, so am I in love with a base wench. If drawing my sword against the humour of affection would deliver me from the reprobate thought of it, I would take Desire prisoner, and ransom him to any French courtier for a new-devis'd curtsy. I think scorn to sigh; methinks I should out-swear Cupid.

    Moth's mention of a dancing horse has been translated into a horse which tapped out numbers with a hoof. This is a false assumption. There is no evidence that there was a 'counting horse' during that period.

    So where is the real dancing horse?

    Henry Peacham's Minerva Britanna, or a Garden of Heroical Devices. Emblem 17.

    (Read the first line under the image very carefully.)

    Consider MOTH uses two and three etc: Read top of page words 2 and 3: THE MOST and see in there MOTH leaving T and E.

    In those times T was 19th and E was 5th in the abc.

    19 plus 5 is 24 (ref 2 and 3) and 2 and 4 is 6.

    Count along top line to th e6th letter, which is M.

    Sound the letter: M is eM, EM reversed is ME.

    See Moth's use of ME:

    KING. Peace!
    COSTARD. Be to me, and every man that dares not fight!
    KING. No words!
    COSTARD. Of other men's secrets, I beseech you. . . .

    . . . COSTARD. Me?
    KING. 'that unlettered small-knowing soul,'
    COSTARD. Me?
    KING. 'that shallow vassal,'
    COSTARD. Still me?
    KING. 'which, as I remember, hight Costard,'
    COSTARD. O, me!
    KING. 'sorted and consorted, contrary to thy established
    proclaimed edict and continent canon; which, with, O, with- but with
    this I passion to say wherewith-' . . .

    Ref also Moth's 'curious knotted garden'.

    But why? what for? who?
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