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Thread: What is this short story?

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    What is this short story?

    I was given a short story by an English teacher many years ago. I loved it, but now I've forgotten what it was called and who wrote it. But this is the information I have (or I think I have) about it.

    It was part of a book, a collection of short stories. I don't know whether they were by the same author, though.

    The story involved (as far as I remember) a boy, a student, who got into trouble at school. He walked to school through the forest every day and one day his (literature?) teacher came with him. As the journey through the woods progressed, he became the one who was teaching her things to do with nature and beauty - 'true' knowledge. The role of pupil and teacher was reversed.

    I thought of Chekhov because it sounds similar to the short stories he wrote, but I remember checking the author when I was at school, and I think if it had been Chekhov I'd have remembered it because he's so well-known. I don't think it was an English or American author, though. Definitely European.

    Sorry for the wordiness and length of this post. Hopefully someone will recognise the story.
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    That story

    Was it taken from Gabrielle Roy's "Children of my Heart?" She was teaching a boy named Mederic and there was a little romance there.

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