A few years ago, I went without sleep for three days and two nights in a row because I was sitting in front of my computer, hopped up on energy drinks and restlessness, researching and writing 3 massive midterm essays. In my delusional state, I randomly hallucinated just enough to believe that Dimmesdale is an anagram for: misled man. If you work it out, it doesn't fit, but it actually could be: made misled, or probably various others.

I think the idea came to me from reflecting helter-skelter, where something an old prof told me resurfaced about reading the character Aminadab's name backwards as "Bad Anima" [from Hawthorne's "The Birthmark"]. Has anyone else come across their own anagrams, similar to what I've mentioned, in this book? Or was that a crazy/beautiful discovery I can write home about?