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Thread: Attention Dumas lovers!

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    Cool Attention Dumas lovers! Here are al the Dumas Romances and order in which they should

    Be read.

    My library has some rather old editions of Dumas' Romances. These were translated and printed around 1890. the publisher was Little, Brown & Company who is still in business. While reading one of these, an advertisement fell out which lists all the Dumas' Romances of which there are 48 volumes. They are listed in chronological order, or the order Dumas wanted them read in serial form. Since there have been requests on the order in which the romances are to be read, I am posting them here to get maximum exposure, then this thread can be moved to the author's section. The cost for the 48 volumes, according to the ad, was $48 for cloth bound or $132 for half crushed Morocco. Today, you couldn't buy a single volume of crushed Morocco for $132.

    Romances of Henry II
    The Two Dianas (2 vols)
    The Duke's Page (2 vols)
    The Horoscope and The Brigand (1 vol)

    Valois Romances
    Marguerite de Valois (1 vol)
    The Forty-Five (1 vol)
    La Dame de Monsereau (1 vol)

    D'Artagnan Romances
    The Three Musketeers (2 vols)
    Twenty Years After (2 vols)
    Vicomte de Bragellone (4 vols)
    Includes Bragellone,
    Louise de Valiere,
    The Iron Mask

    Romances of Regency and Louis XV
    Chevalier d'Harmental (1 vol)
    The Regent's Daughter (1 vol)
    Olympe de Cleves (2 vols)

    Marie Antoinette Romances
    Memoirs of a Physician (3 vols)
    The Queen's Necklace (2 vols)
    Ange Pitou (2 vols)
    Comtesse de Charny (3 vols)
    Chevalier de Maison Rouge (1 vol)
    Chauvelin's Will, The Velvet Necklace,
    and Blanche de Beaulieu (1 vol)

    Romances of Napoleon
    Companions of Jehu (2 vols)
    The Whites and the Blues (2 vols)
    She Wolves of Machcoul (2 vols)

    Historical Romances
    Agenor de Mauleon (2 vols)
    Ascanio (1 vol)
    The War of Woman (1 vol)
    Sylvandire (1 vol)
    The Black Tulip and Tales of the Caucasus (1 vol)
    Black, the Story of a Dog (1 vol)
    The Count of Monte Cristo (3 vols)

    For those wishing to read Dumas as it was originally published in the US, this is a good list. Beware of print on demand publishers. They combine volumes, change titles, and edit where they can cut down on words. Many of these books are available on for $10 on up per volume.
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    Thanks dfloyd for sharing this. I was looking for a list of Dumas' works in chronological order for a long time.
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    Thank you for sharing this. I always run into issues when looking to get a good list of the best order to read his books

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