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Thread: The Kite Runner: Could you help me with my thesis statement?

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    Exclamation The Kite Runner: Could you help me with my thesis statement?

    Over the summer, I had to choose a book from a AP English 12 list and write a 5-paragraph essay on it. We have to come up with an arguable thesis and prove it by analyzing a theme, an aspect of style, and tone each in their own body paragraph.

    These are my tentative theses. I'm misspelling them on purpose so the teacher doesn't think I plagiarized (it's happened before):

    "Threw the use of pairalelling gennertions in his first novel,The Kite Runner, Khalled Hosseni argus that one can atone for the passt sins of his pairents."

    "In Kalled Hosseni's furst novel, The Kite Runner, the fictional characters of Ammir, Asef, and Hasan serve as alegories of the real atrocitys of Afgan war."

    I like the first one because it's an interesting topic and fits the weird format (1st body paragraph-a theme, 2nd-aspect of style, 3rd-tone) really well. The problem with this thesis I think it is too narrow and I would have to neglect a few important characters and events. Also, it seems incredibly hard to prove. I did not read the book actively thinking about this and I read it twice.

    I like the second thesis much more. I'm just not sure if I should change it focus on war in general though. I easily saw everything fit together as I read: Assef is like the Russian forces (rape and everything), Amir the Taliban (turned on their people for power/betrayed Hassan for Baba's love), and Hassan is like the innocent and oppressed Afghan citizens. Amir's late redemption, to me, represents how Afghanistan still has hope to redeem itself. Problems: Asef was the part of the Taliban in the story, yet I'm comparing him the Russian forces. Also, this thesis wouldn't fit into the awkward format (see first paragraph) smoothly. I might have to break the teacher's point-by-point essay outline to explain some things further. And she seems picky.

    Which one should I pick, if either? Do you have any other topic suggestions? Anything I should reword (besides the misspellings)? I know I have all summer to write it, but I have to do reports on two more books. All help is most appreciated

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    I doubt this is still relevant, but anyway:

    I don't see how you come to your first thesis, like at all. I thought Hosseini contrasts the bravery of Baba to Amir's cowardness. What 'sins' did Baba commit? Edit: Ah I remember, Hassan.. Okay, it is considered 'sin' in that culture, but nothing Amir suffers from.
    And why would anyone need to atone for one's parent's sins?

    Atonement and guilt are definitely the major themes. You see this already in the opening paragraph. Also the coming back of Sanaubar illustrates this as a side plot. Yet again, unless I'm missing something there's nothing about generations.

    Your second theme is interesting. Are you familiar with the Afghanistan war? Because you have to be, just stating 'the Russians were bad and raped' because this is American propaganda during the cold war is not very objective.. If you think the facts fit to the characters, then go for it, but I'd be careful because it needs thorough historical analysis. Another problem with thesis two is that you link Amir to the Taliban. He's a coward, yet he is not evil (technically the Taliban are not evil either, their religion is, but that's another topic).
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    and why exactly is islam a "evil" religion?
    saying one needs "through historical analysis" to talk about a war that killed thousands but here calling a religion "evil" without any proof
    pls never talk again

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