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Thread: What are people thought's on 2666?

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    What are people thought's on 2666?


    I'm about 400 pages in (out of 898), and I'm quite enjoying. Part 1 was probably better than 2, 3 and what I've read of 4, but it's decent. I can see why this is considered the first great book of the 21st century. The 4 critics were really interesting, and the Mexican characters aren't bad either. I would like to see more of the geometry's guy's schizophrenia, but maybe that will happen later. As far as postmodernism goes, this is good stuff. It's not even that hard a read, except for the length of 900 pages (and 1,100 pages in the Spanish version).

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    I think this book would have been much better if Bolaño had had the time to finish it, anyway I am curious to read "Los detectives salvajes" because anyone who has read them both says LDS is the masterpiece. I think the section you are reading - #4, la parte de los crímenes - is the center of the book, the story that connects the other stories and reveals the sense of the book. Anyway 2666 contains tons of unforgettable pages, Bolaño really had an amazing craft to create interesting characters and meaningful - though crazy - situations.

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    I'm about 700 pages in the book and believe that - The part about crimes is the real uphill task. After finishing this part I could hardly remember what was my feelings about the earlier parts. I have started the last part and once again I feel the hypnotic writing of Bolano spell binding me.

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