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Thread: God is great do not question

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    God is great Damn straight

    I met a man I thought would kill me
    As I met him in the dark
    Yet he wore shades
    And a matching beard
    His hand went to his pocket
    Where there must be a gun
    Hot against his thigh
    But he pulled out a book
    A book of wonder
    I watched my surprise in his shades
    Smelt his dinner on his breath
    Saw his gum recession in his smile
    A few nasal hairs were hiding
    In the party on his lip
    He held his arms out wide
    To embrace me
    (We'd only just met)
    What the hell, I'm up for a hug
    I'll think the best
    His chefs kitchen knife
    As seen on tv
    Sank into my back
    As I fell at the feet of his Nikes
    Fluorescent green
    God is great he said
    I laid my head on his trainer
    God is great he said
    I kissed the label
    Felt the heat in my back
    God is great he said
    I felt my boxer shorts heavy and wet
    God is great he said
    Damn straight
    God is great.
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    For those who believe,
    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

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    Those. Three. Words. Good taking on the irony.

    "But do you really, seriously, Major Scobie," Dr. Sykes asked, "believe in hell?"
    "Oh, yes, I do."
    "In flames and torment?"
    "Perhaps not quite that. They tell us it may be a permanent sense of loss."
    "That sort of hell wouldn't worry me," Fellowes said.
    "Perhaps you've never lost anything of importance," Scobie said.

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