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Thread: Best edition of Paradise Lost

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    Best edition of Paradise Lost

    I've not read PL before, and wish to do so in the near future.
    Just would like to get everyone's opinion on what they think is the best edition.
    If possible, I'd like one either w/o commentary or with notes at the very end (in a different section than the poem itself), so I would not be distracted by it and be able to have my own interpretation of the poem.


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    try the Norton edition of Paradise Lost (Norton Critical Editions) ISBN: 0-393-96293-8

    I think you'll find it's got everything you want.

    The second half of the book has all the biographical, historical, literary backgrounds and criticism. There are footnotes at the bottom of each page - but you can easily ignore those on your first reading if you choose to.
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    I'd have to agree with the above comment.
    This is just the beginning.

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    I've got the Penguin edition which is more than adequate.

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