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    Question Help please

    Hi. I had some questions regarding animal farm that i needed help with.

    1)The overthrow of Mr. Jones was easier that Old Major had predicted. Briefly account how the Revolution was acheived.

    2) What was the significance of Snowball referring to the other animals as 'comrades' throughout the book.

    3) Do you think the pigs teaching themselves to read is important. Discuss.

    4) At the start, why is Major referred to as 'majestic - looking'?


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    Perhaps regrettably (at least from your viewpoint), the focus of the forum is really not to do your homework for you.

    If you try searching the forum you'll find many useful discussions on many if not all of those points. However, you'll still have to read them and reach your own conclusions about what is useful for you.

    Take care and good luck.

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    If you read the AF homework help thread at the top of the page, your questions are covered in there!
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