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    false hope had led her to believe that
    maybe one day her fairy tale prince
    would come and save her on his
    brilliant white horse
    she sat in her empty apartment listening to the noisy dissonance
    waiting patiently
    day by day went by men walked in and out
    of her life all wearing no crown
    pain physical and emotional was all
    she felt until finally hope left her like
    a sparrow in the coming of the frost
    she continued living with a blank stare
    glued to her face
    communication between others no longer
    one by one her friends walked down the aisle
    until she had none left
    the beating ocean waves were her only friends
    now but even they could not fill the void implanted
    by those perfect childhood movies she replayed in her mind
    she one day up and left her home her adolescence and what used
    to be her happiness
    a familiar kind face looked at her on the plane
    miles up in the air
    a smile crossed her face for the first time in what
    seemed like years
    he rose from his chair and managed his way
    until he was seated next to her
    his hand was warm and safe on hers
    happiness and hope rekindled with the stranger
    and then she fell in love

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    So sad..... then a sugar sweet ending.

    An interesting update of the cliche'd fairy tale..... though it still begs the question did they really live happily ever after?

    I think there's more to tell in this tale but I enjoyed reading what you shared with us so far.....



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    Gosh, thank God it did a turn around... what more do you want walker? the wedding cake and the babies? lol, the never ending story.

    I enjoyed it because I sensed its personal to the writer.

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