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Thread: Swift, essay help

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    Swift, essay help

    So I have decided to write an essay on Johnathan Swift. The paper has to cover Swift in one or more of his pieces and why he chose to write them in the format that he did. The professor has been consistantly vauge on the requirements so my questions are two fold.

    one: can anyone recomend any websites or books on Swifts works, I am specificly focusing on 'A Modest Proposal' and possibly 'Guliver's Travels' if I can't find enough to write on the first. The main topic that I need to focus on is question two.

    two: The professor says that the paper is on the textual aspect of the works we choose. As defined by her why they chose to write things a certain way. Can anyone clarify? One example given is focusing on why author A wrote poem A as a poem instead of a short story/essay/novel/ect. to help me better understand the topic would covering why Author A chose certain themes or what influenced them to do include them also count toward textual?

    Well its a bit confusing to me, hope someone else can make better sense

    Thank you

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    Crikey, this is a few days ago, but if you're still looking for help, let me know.

    Swift is one of my specialist subjects!
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    essay writing help

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