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Thread: A Pray for the New Year

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    A Pray for the New Year

    The man who marks or leaves with pages bent
    The volume that some trusting friend has lent,
    Or keeps it over long, or scruples not
    To let its due returning be forgot;

    The man who guards his books with miser's care,
    And does not joy to lend them, and to share;
    The man whose shelves are dust begrimed and few,
    Who reads when he has nothing else to do;

    The man who raves of classic writers, but
    Is found to keep them with their leaves uncut;
    The man who looks on literature as news,
    And gets his culture from the book reviews;

    Who loves not fair, clean type, and margins wide --
    Or loves these better than the thought inside;
    Who buys his books to decorate the shelf,
    Or gives a book he has not read himself;

    Who reads from priggish motives, or for looks,
    Or any reason save the love of books.
    Great Lord, who judgest sins of all degrees,
    Is there no little private hell for these?

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    I dont know where I got this prose but I was impressed and so kept it, and now I share it with you for fun.
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    Interesting and enjoyable. Is the year still new, and is this the way to pray? A good piece of writing, thanks for posting it.
    "In pure mathematics infinity has no measureable fractions and recording its duration is pointless. We are present so that the future can become the past. The Universe is inside something really big, but we don't have to worry about that."
    Yours Truly.

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    Dizzydoll, I found your quote in an antique book called The Book of Book Plates. I did not buy the book and no author was referenced for the poem.

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