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Thread: The Invisible Man--A Classic!

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    Exclamation The Invisible Man--A Classic!

    The Invisible Man is one of my most favorite novels. I've read it two times. The invisible man, Hawley Griffin, is one of my most favorite characters. I highly enjoyed the 1933 film version of it directed by James Whale, starring Claude Rains and Gloria Stuart. I highly reccommend it. If you need help with the book, message me. I know everything there is to know, I'm such a great fan!

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    This is your first post here, right? Welcome

    The Invisible man? I have not read that one in.... 38 years, I think. Now that you jogged my memory I think I'll have a look for it the next time I visit the library. This is one of the great aspects of this forum: You always get new hints for reading. Thank's

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    Ah, yes, that's a great book - one of H.G. Wells' best. And the 1933 film adaptation is one of my favorite movies. They just don't make movies like that anymore. You should also watch the 1960 film The Time Machine based on Wells' book.

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    It is a great book, there is a collection of HG Wells stories in my local bookstore that I have been eying off for a while now.

    Looks like I will have to look into this film as well.

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