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Thread: Animal Farm - Truths and lies?

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    Exclamation Animal Farm - Truths and lies?

    hi there,
    Im trying to do an essay which has this title :

    Discuss the various ways in which lies are transformed into truth in Animal Farm.

    so far i have mentioned this :

    In the beginning of the story of Animal Farm, a new world is explained to the Animals. The animals grow to hope for a better world and future and life, but all this does not end up the way it was supposed to.
    Lies, are a big part of the downfall of Animal Farm. In the beginning all the animals work hard to achieve all that they hope for. The pigs, being the start to all the hope that the animals believed in, were the ones who did the absolute opposite.
    First of all – the Commandments. They weren’t a lie from the beginning, in fact they were being obeyed. When the pigs took a lot of the power on Animal Farm, and ended up making Animal Farm theirs , they changed and twisted the commandments according to their needs. For example the commandment – ‘No animal can drink alcohol’ was changed to : ‘No animal can drink alcohol to excess’. So, really and truly, the pigs were lying when they said they were obeying the commandments, because they adjusted them to their own ways.

    i cant come up with anything else. when i re read the title a couple of times, i noticed the real meaning of it, which got me cornered becuase i cant really come up with stuff in this section.
    will you help me?
    any critisism will be appreciated because i want to know what i've done wrong, because i have my GCSE in a couple of weeks.

    thanks alot

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    You're certainly on the right track - a great example is when the pigs changed the meaning by subtle changes to the words, "four legs good, two better", for instance.

    Don't forget presenting information in dishonest ways that other animals didn't understand. When the pigs talked of food increases, the animals had no frame of reference beyond that they had always been hungry.

    The pigs also used utter lies, such as the things made up about Snowball.

    Good luck - if you need more help, try looking in thr sticky thread above!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Atheist View Post
    You're certainly on the right track - a great example is when the pigs changed the meaning by subtle changes to the words, "four legs good, two better", for instance.
    This moment is a key point in the novel: before, the pigs maintained that they were keeping to the principles of animalism (and Squealer [sp?] was sent around to justify what they were doing); however, this is the point where they stopped bothering to lie.

    Another turning point is the first lie - when the pigs keep the milk and apples for themselves (I'd mention the fact that this was mere hours after the revolution!).
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