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Thread: Question on Great Expectations

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    Question Question on Great Expectations

    Hello everyone this is my first post!!! Yay!! I have always enjoyed reading and am glad I have found this community of people! Anyone I have a question about Great Expectations. For my English class we are having to write a character analysis on pip. I've finished writing everything but a few things and thought I would ask you intelligent people here. 3

    Alright the instructions say...

    Give 2 specific examples and include 1 direct quote which illustrates a change in Pip.

    For some reason I can not for the life of me answer that. Can you guys help me?


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    I would look to the scenes around Miss Havisham's death and after Magwitch's death.

    Think of how Pip originally feels about and treats those characters before and after his "great expectations" are shattered.
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    i suggest the bit where pip and mr jaggers change into a werewolves and go on a rampage around newgate

    i cant remember the exact quote but it was something like 'youve changed into a werewolf pip' ... 'cor blimey, so 'ave you mr jaggers.. lets go munch on some flesh'
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