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Thread: Archaic Words in Ulysses

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    Archaic Words in Ulysses

    I've just began reading Ulysses (with Stuart Gilbert's study) and I've been thoroughly enjoying the challenge thus far but something that has been really taking the wind out of my sails is coming across words that I can't find in the dictionary. Does anyone know of a way to look up archaic words so I can know what he's actually saying instead of occasionally just having to guess?

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    oxford english dictionary: OED

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    Cheapest way is to simply Google the word. But the very best Ulysses reference is in print, large paperback format, and not expensive, twenty bucks or so:

    "Ulysses Annotated" by Don Gifford.

    This is the one single master reference you need. It's got tons of good stuff in intro chapters, and then a line by line reference with footnotes and careful explanations.

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    I find this online dictionary site very helpful. I usually pencil words on my bookmark or the inside covers until I can get to a computer.

    Also this glossary contains phrases that won't be solved with the aid of a dictionary.
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