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Thread: February Waltz

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    February Waltz

    She tried to draw the face of that man,
    Under the dim light in darkness
    By her gentle hand
    Different strokes on the white paper.

    Soft eraser in her palm,
    A small mistake she strive to erase.
    With a shattered white paper she never mind,
    With the mistake gone she continued.

    She never stopped trying, never quit drawing
    The face of that man no longer in her head
    Just a silhouette remained, getting blurry inside her
    While Chopinís waltz play in her idle mind.

    Troubled, the placid artist is.
    Fear pounds in her pale chest, her teeth grinning in despair
    Seeing the sketch she tried to save a thousand times, a clear failure
    And there has been long silence, she never drew again.

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    A few grammatical errors, but such quiet mystery in this! Marami salamat.

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