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Thread: help on the Jungle Upton Sinclair

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    Question help on the Jungle Upton Sinclair

    Hello everyone I am reading the Jungle and have not yet finished reading it I still have a long way to go and its due next week. I am reading this because a have to do a book review and one thing I must include in my assignment is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the book, the outstanding ideas, theories, arguments, or qualities of the book, and I must support my analysis with examples from the book. Could any one PLEASE help?

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    Fantastic book. Very powerful. Some major themes would include man's exploitation of man in the same sense as man's exploitation of pig; class as a barrier to human understanding; risking change based on false hope - and false advertising; the disintegration of family by industrial development; the failure of US immigration policy; primitive man reacts to modern society; the optimism of youth and the dispair of age; role of ritual in human lives; the role of superstition, religion, fate and luck,etc.
    Consider that Jurgis Rudkus lived in the Belovezio forest now on the border between Poland and Belarus, but formerly territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. A place so wondrous, abundant, and beautiful that it was chosen as a refuge for kings, and Hilter himself, once the most powerful man in the world, chose to reside there from 1941-1944. Then he left this, based on shabby advertising and false hopes, to put himself and those he loved in the hands of unscrupulous maritime ship operators; American con-men of all sorts; industrial magnates and capitalists, foremen, bosses. All lost. A sucker is bon every minute ~PT Barum

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    Dante's Inferno

    Compare The Jungle to Dane's Inferno. A man's journey through the rings of hell until he passes through the mouth of the Devil himself, and enters the Redemption beyond. Bokk it!

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    I read this book over 40 years ago and it stuck with me to the point of being aware of grocers, restaurants and foods served at events. In these current times, I find myself posting on Social Media when there is a food related scandal for people to read this book. What an eye opener to a then kid who already was keen on where I ate from. Weak stomach still.

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