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Thread: "The Brain - is wider than the Sky"

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    "The Brain - is wider than the Sky"

    The Brain -- is wider than the Sky --
    For -- put them side by side --
    The one the other will contain
    With ease -- and You -- beside --

    The Brain is deeper than the sea --
    For -- hold them -- Blue to Blue --
    The one the other will absorb --
    As Sponges -- Buckets -- do --

    The Brain is just the weight of God --
    For -- Heft them -- Pound for Pound --
    And they will differ -- if they do --
    As Syllable from Sound --

    i have two questions.
    1. what would be the diction of this poem?
    2. And i need to compare this poem to another piece of literature. Like something that relates to this i guess. Help? please

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    I don't know but I liked reading that.

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    quote: i need to compare this poem to another piece of literature

    I believe Miss Emily was influenced by the Transcendentalists who believed in self reliance, love of Nature, simple living but of high intellectual, mental expansiveness, and spirituality. The brain and mind are capable of perceiving and understanding many transcendent/universal ideals and values. The sky is all you see above you. But there are truths, beauties, and values which exist that exceed all which you currently perceive. She was a disciple of Emerson who: '' declared that the Transcendentalist "believes in miracles, in the perpetual openness of the human mind to the new influx of light and power; he believes in inspiration and ecstasy." I believe she was re-echoing his ideals in that blurb.
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