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Thread: i need help with julius

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    Exclamation i need help with julius

    i am having trouble understanding what cassius has against caesar that makes him so much hate for caesar?
    Please help me understand this concept.

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    Ceasar is apparently aiming for dictatorship and eventually King. That is anathema to a staunch Republican like Cassius. You need to know a little Roman history.

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    To Cassius, Julius Ceasar is a Cowardly Weakling grown into a Tyrant.
    In the eyes of Cassius, Ceasar is a man of feeble temper. He cries for help when he is in danger. He shakes and weeps like a sick girl. He is nothing more than other Roman. Yet he has grown into a giant under whose tyranny all other Romans are mere slaves. For the sake of the honour and freedom of Rome, this coward, turned into a tyrant must be killed. And yet this very Cassius knows that he is all along wrong. That is why when dying he declares, "Caesar, thou art revenged".

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