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Thread: My take on Siddhartha

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    My take on Siddhartha

    I just finished listening to the audio book version of the book, and I instantly fell in love. Well, I have one chapter left...but the book resonates with me very deeply. I think (well at least to me) the core message is that spirituality/enlightenment cannot be taught or imitated. By the way this was the teaching of Jesus as well, before he was hijacked my the church and politicians. (he said to his disciples, you shall be doing greater things that I have done..)

    The most interesting part is the family relationship and Siddhartha's attachments and disassociations from people and finally his own son. This is the hardest thing to do, to let go of a sibling. I think this was masterfully orchestrated by Hesse and it showed the key. By the way, I am not meaning to harping on other prophets, namely Jesus... but the Master, ANY MASTER must be without family, or the whole plan is off. Of course, Siddhartha did not plan having a son, or marring and settling down, but it happened nevertheless.
    A side note, Lord Buddha, had a son and a wife and one day he kissed them and left.
    "In order to alleviate suffering we must create some". I advise to all to read the masterfully thoughtful book, the Buddha's Wife by by Gabriel Constans.

    Andras Nagy
    Ancient Wisdom Publications
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