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Thread: editing question

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    editing question

    it says you can edit your posts but i can't figure out how.... can anyone help me??? thanks so much in advance!!!
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    At the bottom of your post there should be
    an "edit" icon. When you click on it,
    an editing box should show up with the
    original post in it, a reason for editing,
    and "save changes" and "preview changes"
    buttons beneath it.

    Once you're ready, click the "save changes"
    button and you've edited your post.

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    How old and new members of Litnet keep discovering, posting on this forum sometimes is an art in itself.

    So today I want to offer a bit of advice on editing invisible posts. I hope it helps.

    First one writes the text normally, if possible on another editor, Word or similar. Preferably edit it before posting it.
    Before posting your text on Litnet, don´t forget to save it.

    After posting it, maybe you discover, that you still want to edit it. You hopefully click on the editing button and a blank page appears.

    But you have saved you content before posting it, remember. So all you have to do is paste the saved content on the empty page and edit it to your heart´s content.

    The worst that can happen is that your post may appear twice, first the old one and then the edited one. You can´t delete the old post. But you can change it, by typing for example:....................... on the empty page.
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