I have chosen 3 topic sentences for this:

1) he creates and prolongs arguments
2) he abuses his sons both physically and mentally
3) he distances himself from the family

I need some points in the novel when he does these things for example I have:

1) when he argues with Ben during the screech (alcohol/liquor) incident and ?
2) when he physically beats Ben with his belt at the end of the novel and also when he mentally destroys Ben's feelings by ripping apart a symbol of his hard work: his diploma.
3) when he doesn't get invited to his sons graduation due to the fact that he is never around and also how the family keeps secrets from him such as when Ben is hiding the fact that he is pitching in with rent for his brother Bill.

We need 6 points in total, meaning 2 for each argument. I already have 5 but can anyone help with the last one which is 1) how he creates and prolongs arguments. Also if anything should be changed or you know of any better points let me know please!