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Thread: Catch-22

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    I got a new PC for Christmas, but I can't log on to Lit Net because I don't know my password. When I look at the email address in my profile, it's incorrect. When I try to correct it, it asks me for my password, which I forgot. When the form to request my password comes up, it says it will send the password to my incorrect email address, so I wouldn't be able to retrieve it. Help???
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    Wow, Pablo, you've really been bitten hard by the cyberspace folks. Good luck, and if you never get back into LitNet, it's been nice knowing you.

    Or maybe you can just get your old PC back.
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    write to moderator
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    Well, a moderator has written to him...

    Hopefully, the problem has been solved now so he will be able to post as usual.
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