Hi, I was just blessed enough to purchase this book published by Grosset and Dunlap, Oct 1908, THE TRAIL of the LONESOME PINE, By John Fox Jr. The book is in wonderful condition! The cover is different than I have been able to find because it has a full cover picture of what I believe is a copy of the oil painting that the author commissioned for his future wife. The copyright page is dated 1908 by Charles Schribner's Sons. The Title page shows Grosset and Dunlap, published by arrangement with Charles Scribner's Sons, and Illustrated by F. C. Yohn. This book appears to have been a Christmas gift "from Nell, to Tommy, handwritten with date of 12/25/12. I am wondering about the cover since the photos I have found online for the 1908 print has no pasted like cover with colored print of the oil.
Does anyone have any information on this wonderful book and the aspects of the cover, etc? I am reading it now!